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The Three Pleasures

Interior: One step inside and the aroma of sweetness invites you. Passing the the wine cellar a clean delightful white open kitchen takes you to a new level of a cream with a strawberry concept. Everywhere you look is an adorable sweetness.

Taste: Your second pleasure is the texture of fluffiness and freshness of our desserts. You will want more when you experience the chef creating a dish with pure ingredients and seasonal fruits. 100% handmade for a smile from you The delicate and excellent technics of a Japanese chef will thrill you.

Sight: The third pleasure is the sense of sight. It is like an artist drawing a beautiful painting and so hard to proceed to eat this beautiful presentation. On a white dish the chef adds on pieces of art in front of your eyes. Watching the oven is also a delight enjoyment. This exciting “Pastry Entertainment” is waiting for you to enjoy!

Born in Ehime, Japan, Chef Mio Ogasawara graduated from confectionary school in 1999.

Mio then honed her craft for nine years as a pastry chef in Ehime, Nagasaki, and Tokyo. While pursuing her pastry chef career, Mio also entered numerous candy art competitions, earning many top prizes and awards for her whimsical candy creations.

Mio eventually caught the eye of Mitsuo Endo, owner/chef of Raku restaurant. Endo invited Mio to join him in Las Vegas, where he was planning a unique dessert restaurant concept to complement his highly acclaimed Raku. With hopes of introducing delicate, yet high quality Japanese desserts to the American palate, Mio arrived in Las Vegas in 2013.

Chef Mio is currently Raku Group’s executive pastry chef and strives everyday to create innovative and delicious sweets while providing her guests with a memorable dining experience.

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